Sell Clothes for Money: Tips for Preparing Your Used Clothes to Sell Online

Preparation is a crucial strategy if you want to succeed in business. Therefore, preparing your used clothes before you get them in front of prospective buyers is an important step to get them selling quickly. Face it; potential customers will not contemplate buying a dirty, wrinkled cloth even if it’s the kind of brand they like. With that said, here are steps you can take to prepare your clothes to sell:

Make any required repair before you sell clothes online

If you want to indulge in the business of selling used clothes, it means that the clothes will not be at their best. They will have holes, stains, wrinkles, and missing buttons. Potential customers will not consider buying your clothes if they have these issues, even if they are great. While they know they are shopping for used clothes, buyers want to see that they are still in excellent condition. Plus, most websites and apps will not accept garments that have any of these characteristics.

Cleaning is necessary before you sell clothes for money

When you’re dealing with used clothes, they are probably dirty. So, you must clean them before you list them for sale. Wash them thoroughly with soap and clean water to get rid of dirt. If there are stains, use the necessary chemicals to remove them without impacting the color and quality of the clothes. After washing and drying, iron them to remove any wrinkles. Essentially, you must make sure the clothes are in excellent condition before you start taking pictures. Displaying dirty and wrinkled clothes is an indication that you’re not professional at what you’re doing. And buyers don’t like to deal with unprofessional sellers. Also, clothes that are in bad shape will attract lower prices.

The last step to ensuring you sell clothes online is to hang them or nicely fold them and put them in a bag

The method you choose pretty much depends on the way you decide or prefer to sell your used clothes. If you’re looking to sell to used clothes stores, they usually prefer that you fold the clothes nicely and put them in a bag. Consignment stores, on the other hand, require that you iron clothes nicely and deliver them while hanging.


To close a lot of sales when selling clothes online, your clothes need to sparkle. Note that there are many sellers out there trying to get their used clothes sold. So to compete in the crowded marketplace, you must be on your best in the entire selling process.


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