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Selling eBooks: the pros and cons

Ecommerce has now begun to define the global marketplace. Sales companies of all kinds of products now seem to be turning to online transactions to sell their goods. This culture has also given rise to the culture of eBooks. Books are now available as softcopies for people to download and read on their phone, laptop or electronic reader screens. However, publishers and freelance writers still struggle to decide over which method of sale is better. We believe each has its own set of pros and cons. Here is a look at the pros and cons of the newer form of eBooks to help us understand the situation a little better. Read this to help you decide which one if the better form of existence for your work.

Writing a letter is no longer important than writing an email and can send to as many people as you want and to any location of your choice. From telephone to skype calls and to other application software which can provide the facility of connecting people. Everything comes to one point and readily available. So, internet has made life easier for many consumers and not only consumers, it has an impact on entrepreneurs as well. New entrepreneurs have got into the market and has initiated with new business opportunities.  Getting yourself involved in selling eBooks online is one of the opportunities that have been explored by them.


  1. Large potential customer base reached. Online stores and ecommerce platforms tare guaranteed to have a reach to numerous potential customers especially since a massive number of people visit these sites with the sole intention of buying things.
  2. Low-cost marketing. As opposed to having to rigorously search for ways to promote your eBooks, you can simply use online publishers that enable you to promote your work on numerous affiliated websites with just one click. The best part is that this marketing costs practically nothing!
  • Low cost production. Having to publish printed copies of your work means making a large investment of freelance writers are more likely to not have the funds for. However, online transactions would not require this, as customers would simply download the same version of their work over and over again. So essentially, you just have to create and format your work well and once you have it on the e-commerce platform you created with Shopify, you just have to wait for it to sell. This is certainly easier than having to deal with the problems that come with printing and physical distribution.
  • Information is well-communicated. You have an online space for you to present your eBook there is no limit to the amount and kind of information you can provide to your customers. Several sites allow you to give information in the form of pictures, bios, descriptions and even book-trailers. This means you can more effectively pitch your work and ensure that more people are interested in buying it.


  1. Screen v. paper. People have still not fully adapted to reading books on a screen. In fact even now, most readers prefer a hardcopy of books they purchase as opposed to cheaper, more portable softcopies. If authors do not offer a hardcopy version of their book, chances most people that would otherwise love your work would not even give it a chance.
  • Heavy commissions. If you sell eBooks online through platforms like Amazon or eBay, your earned royalties may e a much smaller percentage than you wished it to be. These sites often take heavy commissions and you also end up paying for a lot of the advertisement.
  • Marketing online is tricky. A lot of people are not well-versed in marketing their work online which means they often downplay their work instead of convincing people to buy it. Plus, managing the product page for your eBooks is also a task you must keep at regularly.
  • Increased competition. If someone is looking for eBooks online, your product page is probably one of many to have been visited. This puts you in direct competition with other similar works especially since they are presented to viewers side-by-side.

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